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About Your Photographer


A little bit about me - the part of the first day of school everyone dreads!

My love of photography started at the same time as my love of traveling: in elementary school. I used to bring my old school film camera to elementary school, photographing my friends in our classroom and on the playground. When I was old enough to wander away from home unattended, my subjects became the barns and livestock down the road. I spent hours in fields waiting for the perfect light, taking in the smells and chatting with the cows.

I have a deep respect for hard working, blue collar Americans. I am intoxicated by the scent of old books and a hound dog's coat. I'm awestruck by wide open spaces, drawn to conquering huge mountain peaks, and inspired by people who are vulnerable enough to tell me their stories.


My goal when I'm behind the camera is to capture the beauty in every second of our normal days. I want to preserve the moments you'll truly remember forever.


I am in it for the adventure, the journey, the opportunity to meet you and to learn from you. I can't wait to see where your session leads!


I love to travel and wherever you are, I want to visit! No location is too far - email, message, text, call me, send a carrier pigeon - just know that no matter how we get in touch, I'm going to be thrilled to speak to you!

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