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Want to elope in McCall?!

Are you here because a traditional wedding just doesn’t feel like you?! Are you the type of couple that values experiences over material things? Don't want to please a ton of people on YOUR big day?! Would you rather go on an epic adventure and capture your love surrounded by epic views? Sounds like eloping might be for you! I'm proud to say I've grown up and lived in Valley County my entire life. There's not many corners of this valley (or even people who live here!) that I don't know. I'm an expert all things McCall and beyond and my passion is sharing little pieces of my home with you! Whether you're having an intimate elopement with just the three of us, or a slightly larger affair, I will be thrilled to help you every step of the way. When you hire me, you're not just hiring a photographer! I can offer location recommendations, plan your wedding day timeline, and even guide you through your ceremony (I am ordained, after all!) No matter how I'm helping, my goal is to create and document a day filled with love and adventure - no stress, no people-pleasing, and no rules. 

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You've found your forever love! Now, you're looking for a photographer who...

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- Places Value in the elopement experience and prioritizes you on your wedding day by making sure it's only filled with all the love and activities that make you two uniquely you


- Is an Expert in eloping in all things McCall and can help with finding hidden gems, researching fun things to do, and can recommend other vendors to make all your visions come to life

- Can go with the flow (and is always Prepared with back up plans) to ensure a totally stress-free day. 

- Knows how to get Creative and capture a variety of different landscapes and lighting situations to capture your epic love in epic places.

I'm your gal!


I can't wait to help make your wedding day about You!

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