Idaho Portrait Photographer

My favorite photographs are not the ones where I tell you where to stand, how to place your arms, and which direction to look. My favorite photographs are when my subjects have forgotten I'm there, the in-between shots when everyone is laughing because there is this stranger taking pictures of them kissing their significant other, and that can be weird, but while you're giggling, I will be busy capturing your love - the love that inspired me to become a photographer, whether that be the love a child has for their mother, the love an owner has for their pet, or the love a woman has for herself. I don't believe in photogenic people - I believe in perfectly imperfect beings, beautifully handcrafted by the stories and events of their life. Your portrait experience will be personally curated to whatever your end goal is - I want to know what brought you to me and I want you to leave feeling like you got even more than you came for! I make lifetime friends with my clients because I don't just want to photograph you; I want to know you. I cannot wait to watch you blossom, capturing each season with timeless images curated specifically for you.